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But now they're struggling.

California's hospitals lost an estimated

$12 billion

due to the pandemic in 2020 and 2021, even after federal relief.

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About how our hospitals enrich their communities, and the obstacles they face in recovering from the pandemic

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Cornerstones of Communities

True Health Care Heroes in a Historic Crisis

Hospitals Grapple with Unprecedented Financial Losses

Hospitals are Vital
to Our Communities

They need our support more than ever

Hospitals are vital assets in every community. Our hospitals provide confidence in the face of illness, disasters, crisis and pandemics. They've been at the center of one of the toughest fights in generations – the COVID-19 pandemic. The dedicated professionals who staff them are hailed as heroes and their compassion and unrelenting commitment to caring has safeguarded the well-being of our communities.


Hospitals, long a cornerstone for communities, were there each step of the way. For over two-plus years, our hospitals and their professionals have worked tirelessly in a long-fought battle against COVID-19. Facing both unprecedented challenges of the pandemic as well as significant increases in patient cases, physicians, nurses, care technicians and allied team members have held the line in their effort to keep our communities healthy and safe.

This has not been easy. Our health care workers are physically and mentally exhausted. And yet, as variants of the virus emerge, our hospitals must overcome new obstacles to continue the committed work of caring for patients and their families.

Did You Know?


SoCal hospitals contribute to the safety net system.


of California's hospitals are operating in the red.


of hospitals reported increased staff turnover between 2020 and 2021.


COVID-19 patients were treated in SoCal hospitals in 2020 alone.

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